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This fall, launched an on-chain podcasting service on Bitcoin SV. Castr leverages the BitcoinFiles service from miner and infrastructure provider Matterpool. I covered how BitcoinFiles enables robust on-chain data storage here.

Castr aims to provide a censorship resistant podcast hosting site that leverages the immutable nature and incentive structures the Bitcoin SV ledger provides. Castr takes the cheaper of 10 cents per MB uploaded or $3 per podcast as a cut. But what if Castr decides to go rogue and remove one’s certain direction leaning podcast?

While they can purge the podcast from their site, they cannot scrub it from the ledger. Users will have the opportunity to consume or download the audio so long as a node is willing to serve the content, which is a counter to the mass de-platforming campaign seen in recent years.

Podcasters can earn directly from their following via cheers (1 cent per) and discussion. Like Twetch, it adopts the concept of paid speech. Commenting costs 10 cents, where Castr takes 2 cents as a platform fee. Cheers (example below) and comments are recorded on-chain.